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Subicorp ( Pty ) Ltd

In all aspects of building, experience counts. With 16 years of experience in construction and handyman services, Subicorp is ready to lay the foundation of your success.

Subicorp Construction and Handyman Services was founded in September 2010 by Gerhard van der Merwe, who wanted to put nine years' previous experience to better use. Today he boasts a combined 16 years in the industry. The business's name is comprised of Subi – from the word subcontractor – and corp – from the word corporation.

Subicorp offers services ranging from basic handyman jobs to erecting steel structures, and a host of grand civil engineering jobs. Its biggest project to date is the refurbishment of the old Falkirk Works, for use by Volvo Trucks.

Through solid work ethic and attention to detail, Subicorp has built good relations with its clients, which includes major Newcastle companies: ROC Global, Slagcrete and NiDa. Subicorp is proud to be also associated with the esteemed Vulintaba Country Estate.

“Our core motto is to have a high standard on completion of any project. Our work must be top-of-the-range to reflect the trust our clients have in us.”

Working hand-in-hand architects, engineers, surveyors, consulting engineers and other professionals, Subicorp aims to deliver good quality workmanship. Its admin team ensures correct procedures are in place and site supervisors constantly inspect jobs for quality assurance. All workers receive the right materials to complete work quickly, efficiently and to perfection.

Gerhard van der Merwe

Director Gerhard van der Merwe

It is with great pride that I can say, Subicorp Construction has had many complicated construction challenges in the past which we have completed successfully. The best part is that we have built up a client base who continues to use us for all their construction needs.


Gerhard van der Merwe


Gerhard van der Merwe

Jaco van der Merwe


Jaco van der Merwe


What does Subicorp offer?

  • Renovations of residential and business properties
  • Construction of residential homes and business premises
  • New paving and renovation of existing paving
  • Civil, industrial and light concrete work
  • Storm water solutions – piping, drainage and water flow
  • Industrial and domestic painting
  • Erection of carports, gates
  • Burglar-proofing
  • General steelwork
  • Domestic and business tiling
  • Electrical work
  • Fitting of doors and locks
  • Curbing and concrete surfacing
  • Cutting, trimming and removal of tress
  • Drywall partitioning
  • Cladded and suspended ceilings
  • Excavation and removal of unwanted bulk materials
  • Installation of sewage lines
  • Planning and costing of potential projects
  • Building of boundary and perimeter walls
  • Erection of wire mesh, electrical and palisade fencing


Subicorp is also excited to launch its new venture, in conjunction with Gauteng-based Sealpro Sealings & Coatings. Subicorp now offers waterproofing solutions to new and existing clients of Newcastle.

“We are quite excited about this venture and it has kicked off well.”

Visit the Sealpro Website

Our regular customers consist of:

Roc Global Construction
Newcastle Municipality
  • Ni- Da Property’s
  • Roc Global Construction
  • Slagcrete
  • G & D Beleggings
  • Röhrs Family Properties
  • Umzinyathi Construction
  • Newcastle Municipality

Subicorp Construction also has a rental division where we rent out 24 units in Nyala Park and Tamboti Park complex which we have built for a regular customer. We also have 5 units for G&D Beleggings.


It is hereby with great pleasure to confirm that Subicorp Construction under leadership of Gerhard van der Merwe has been completing construction contracts for the Ni-Da Group since 2007. At first he traded under Gerhard’s Handyman services, and since 2010, under Subicorp Construction & Handyman Services

His services were used on a consistent basis and all projects were completed on a satisfactory standard. We will keep on using his company for further developments and recommend him to potential clients.

ROC Global DevelopmentThe mentioned company worked for us as a sub-contractor since 2007 at various construction sites namely; Nida Yard, Vulintaba, Falcon Heights, SAPS ect.

We find the projects completed satisfactory and will recommend them and still use them for future development.

This confirms that GERHARDS HANDYMAN SERVICES and (since 2010), SUBICORP CONSTRUCTION & HANDYMAN Services, under leadership of Gerhard van der Merwe, has since 2007 been working as a sub contractor for us. We completed various paving and kerbing projects, ie Karbochem; Newca.stle Private Hospital; Checkers —Amajuba Mall; Spar & Taxi Rank. We are happy to confirm that their work is reliable and will recommend them to potential clients. as well as continue to use their expertise

CaltexThis letter serves to confirm that we have used Gerhard's Handyman Services for various projects in our family business.
Since 2010 Subicorp Construction was used for our two townhouse complexes which consist of 29 and 6 units. After completion of these projects the mentioned construction company are used for all maintenance and rentals on these units.
Subicorp are also being used on a daily basis for general repairs and maintenance at our businesses and properties in Utrecht.
We are satisfied with their work, reliability and will recommend them to any new potential clients.